Jockey Training


The "Jockey Training" allows Owners to train their own unique Jockey that can compete with other Owners in the race. To enter the “Jockey Training” system, Owner must win at least three G1 races in the Seasonal Races.


「The button of the "Jockey Training" is located on the right side of the Stable.


For the first time to enter the "Jockey Training" and Owner needs to enter the name of the Jockey.

(* Please note: the name cannot be modified after confirmation.)


After named the Jockey, and you can enter the "Jockey Training" interface.


The interface of Jockey System is divided into three categories

Jockey's Basic Information:

  • Fit:
    • Each time, Owner hire own Jockey to race, 20% stamina will be consumed.
    • When the Fit is lower than 20%, Owner can not hire their own jockey to the races.
    • The Own Jockey will recover 1% of the stamina after 1 seasonal race, and Owner can also consume diamonds to recover the Fit.
  • Jockey’s Level:
    • Show the current level of your Jockey, and the current maximum level limit is level 50.
    • For each level, you can get 3 “Skill Points" for leveling up your Jockey skills.
    • Star : When jockey level has reached each 10 levels, it will increase by 1 star. Level 50 has 6 stars
  • Experience (EXP):
    • When Owner hire Own Jockey to “Seasonal Races”, and win the top 6, the Jockey will get corresponding EXP.
    • When the bar of "EXP" is full, Owner can press the "level up" button to level up the Jockey.


Additional functions:

  • Skill Points Available:
    • There are 8 different skills that can be used to upgrade your Own Jockey, and each upgrade for 1 skill point.
    • Owner will have 10 skill points when the Jockey Training is first start. After that, you can get 3 points when your Jockey is increased for each 1 level.
  • Position:
    • Show the current position of Jockey
  • Reset Position:
    • The Position of Jockey can be reset randomly. You can reset the “Position” 3 times a day for free.
  • Reset skill points:
    • Consume diamonds to reset all the assigned skill points and returned all skill points to “Skill Points Available”.
  • Restore stamina:
    • Consume diamonds to recover the Own Jockey’s stamina to 100%


Jockey Skill:

There are 8 skills of your Own Jockey, and it will directly affect the ability of racing horses:

  • Wrist strength: Strength
  • Balance: Speed
  • Horsemanship: Corner and Up Hill
  • Geology (Turt): Turt and Wet
  • Geology (Dirt): Dirt and Wet
  • Racecourse Knowledge: clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • Reaction: Gate and Willpower
  • Horse knowledge: Temper

※When you have “Skill Points Available” (Skill Points), and you can level up your skills by pressing the button of “Skill Points Available”. It consumes 1 skill point for each time.

※Each skill will be shown the corresponding rating after the first level up, and the maximum level is S-level.



When Owner has his Own Jockey, the "Own Jockey" option will be permanently shown on the selection of jockey page when you nominate for the race. Every time you hire your Own Jockey, and it will consume stamina (20% each time). There are no upper limit of races for your Own Jockey.


Race Result:

When your Own Jockey has finished the Seasonal Race, and won the top 6 in the race. The "Jockey Point" (EXP) will be obtained, and it will be shown in green color on the “rewards” page.



In order to enable Owner develop to their full potential, the game has a special ranking of “Jockey Training” which includes “Jockey: G1 Championship” & ”Jockey: 4 hour Seasonal Competition”. The gameplay is similar to the "G1 Championship" and "Seasonal Competition" of "Owner", and only the race results from "Own Jockey" will be calculated!