1. Will all horses aged after pressing "Next Month"?

Ans: Except the horses which have been sent to participate in seasonal races, all horses in your stable will be aged.


  1. Where can I check the rewards for season competition?

Ans: Press "Details" at the right hand side of the season competition interface. (The button above "Records")


  1. How to check horses' previous racing record?

Ans: In the horses' info interface, pull down a bit and you can find three buttons "Record", "Cups" and "Retire" accordingly. You can check the last 10 races result and prize from "Record", and check the races won reply from "Cups".


  1. Where can I buy supply items?

Ans: Supply items like apple vinegar, jockey invitations or calcium can be bought in "Supply" menu.


  1. When is the best time for retirement? Can retirement horses participate in any competition?

Ans: If the horse has reached its declining period, you should retire the horse. The retirement horse can not participate in any competition and have to leave the stud farm.


  1. What is the function of Hospital?

Ans: When your horse has reached Prime Age, you can send it to the Hospital and take medicines. Medicines can improve horses’ abilities, even prolong horses’ life.


  1. Why I received a withdraw message that I can not participate in the race after I nominate the Season Competition?

Ans: Some of the higher level races such as Durby, it has the limitation on the number of players. The eligibility of  the selection will be based on the results of other competitions in the same season. If the horses’ results are not as good as other players, it can not participate in the race. The registration fee and the AP will be refunded when the game is ended.


  1. Why stallion only can be retired and can not enter the Breed Stud Farm?

Ans: The stallion must win at least one G1 event before entering the breeding ranch. If the G1 event has not been won, even if the breeding value has reached 100, it can only be retired and cannot be matched. The stallions have to win at least one G1 race before entering the breed stud farm. If the stallions have not won the G1 before even the breeding readiness reached 100 and it only can be retired.


  1. How do I transfer my game account to another device?

Ans: Players can bind the game account to their personal facebook account  in "MENU" > "OWNER", or set the account password. On the new device, press the upper right button, select facebook login or enter the game ID and password to login.


  1. Why I can not receive the prizes after the Rank is ended?

Ans: Due to the time required for the server to operate, all the prizes will be distributed after the Rank is ended. Players can re-login the game and check after a few hours.