The Basic flow of the game

"Champion Horse Racing" is a simulated reality horse racing game, from auction, feeding, training and even racing are all determined by the players. Here is the basic flow of the game which shown as below.


Get the new horses from the Auction House:

Players can get the new horses from the Auction House, they can use Diamonds to purchase the horses. The purchased horses will move into the Stud Farm automatically. Players can get the 4-star or 5-star horses from the auction house. Higher chance to get the 6-star horses from the Limited Time Offer.


Move New Horses to Stable

The new purchased horses will move to the Stud Farm. Players can check the horses’ basic details such as stars, distance and sex etc.,Different breeds of horses will be displayed as stars in different colors: "Racehorse" will be displayed as stars in yellow, "Stallion" will be displayed as stars in blue, and "Broodmare" will be displayed as stars in red. Players can move the highest potential horses to Stable for training.


Train Up Your Horses

Each round of the game is calculated by “one month”. Each horse need to be trained, fed and raced once per month. When the horses in the Stable have completed all the tasks, press “Next Month” to continue next round training which consume 2 AP.


Little Tips: After pressing “Next Month”, except the horses which have been sent to participate in seasonal races, the rest of the horses in the stable will be aged. Not recommend to move too many horses to the stable at once if you don’t want horses aged too fast.


Players can execute the followings in the stable:

  • Check out the details of the horses

View horses’ detail in horses’ info interface such as stars, rating, age, weight, endurance, speed, position, stamina and AP Refill etc. You can pull down a bit to check the “Record”, “Cups” . When horse is getting old, don’t forget to retire the it.

If the horse is “Stallion” or “Broodmare”, the page will also display the horse's breeding readliness, and when the breeding condition is met, the "retire" button will become "breed".


  • Training Horses

The horses’ abilities can be improved by different training methods. Such as Single Turf Gallop can improve the speed, turf and temper. The Up Hill Training can improve the stamina, willpower and Up Hill ability etc. Each training will consume 1 AP for the action. The weight of the horses will decrease after training and the endurance will increase which will affect its performance. Player can decide the training methods or get “Suggestion” from the assistant.


One of the training method is Spell. It will not improve any ability but its endurance and the weight. During the Spell period, the performance of the horses will decrease which can not participate in any race.


When the horses’ ability reached the best condition, the “Max” will show up.


  • Feeding

Feeding can improve horses’ endurance and weight condition. Carrot and Wheat are common food for recovery. Vinegar and Vitamin are classified to advanced food. Vinegar can recover all endurance which Vitamin can improve the weight immediately. Each feeding will spend 10 coins for the action. Or you can press “Suggestion” and assistance will pick the best food for you.


  • Changing Gear

The gear of “Champion Horse Racing” are very diverse from Saddles, Hood, Blinkers, etc. Each gear will affect different abilities of the horse which helping horses to develop their strengths or fix their racing disadvantages. If ability of the horses reach the MAX level, the ability of gear will no longer effective. Therefore, we not recommend to use the gear for the Growth Horse.


  • Race

There has Regional Races and Seasonal Races. The Regional Races’ level are relatively lower than Seasonal Races. If the horses are mature enough, you can nominate to the Seasonal Races. There’re 70 races per season, and you will compete with other players in real time. You need to nominate your horses in advance. Player can watch the live races and betting even your horses are not participating.


Whether its a Regional Races or Seasonal Races, all competitions classified into G1,G2 and G3. Group 1 is the highest level and the participants’ rating has to be 105 or above. Some of the G1 competitions have the participation conditions such as age limit or gender limit. More details can be viewed by pressing “Details” .